Ashley May 2012

Hello again everyone, this blog is a summary of a relatively quiet month for me as there has been various race cancelations from my calendar.
I only ended up getting about 3 races in May because by weekly circuit race league, Tockwith, was cancelled after 1 round due to various reasons which included something along the lines of a noise complaint!? Im not sure if this statement is correct, but if it is then I think that we need to invest in some quieter gears because they obvisously seem to be disturbing some people!
Due to there been few races for me this month, it gave me some time to just ride my bike and let my body condition itself at a slower rate, I think this helps me in the long run as it doesn’t knock my immune system as much therefore I feel less ropey and ill.

I raced up in the North East in a E/1/2 at Prissik park. The cycling development team up there are putting on a lot of circuit races in the region and they are a credit to themselves as the events they are organising are top class and they deserve to be more well known. They were some good riders that turned up including what seemed to be half a field worth of Velo 29 riders which made it a complex race for lone riders like myself. I tried my luck a few times but came to nothing, but in races like these, you have to try and get in every move as you never know which one is likely to stay away. Unfortunately, I missed the winning one which consisted of some really strong riders. It was annoying that every time you tried to bridge across to the break, there was a Velo 29 rider hot on your heels, but that’s bike racing!

Another race which was on at the end of the month was the Batley RR, this is probably my most local race which was around the Hartshead moor. Most of you might know it as the service station on the M62! It was a really warm day which makes it far more enjoyable to race in compared to the wet and windy Britain that we are most used to. Once again I tried my luck fairly early on to join with another rider, but I started on the climb with a lower pace than the chasing bunch which meant that we were soon reeled in. It was a very attacking race which led to small groups of escapee’s pinging off the front of a fast paced race. I wasn’t feeling the best as every lap, the climb took a little bit more out of my legs which in result hurt me even more on the top end of the course in a fairly blustery headwind. I finished around 30th which I was quite disappointed with as I wanted to do a lot better in this race but there was a fairly decent field of riders.

Im now feeling generally stronger as a rider as now ill have more digs off the front in attempts to get away as oppose to just sit in, I’d rather be a hitter than a sitter inner!
June and July should make for more interesting reading as there is a larger bulk of races including the Brighouse round of the National circuit series… Hopefully this should all go well and ill have a good month report for you all!