Frazier Clacherty


Frazier will be our first MTB rider and we have high hopes for him, and are looking forward to watching his progress in 2018


He has been National Champion for the last four years, and is competing on the world stage in World Cup events, and has already had several top ten finishes in the Elite U23 races despite being 20 years old.

Watch this space, we may have our first World Champion !

Frazer Clacherty – First Blog February 2018

I will start with an overview of my winter training period: my winter training was spent mostly in Manchester with a lot of miles on the road bike and in the gym at least twice a week, which has been the same the past two years now and it has always seemed to work pretty well for me so I decided to keep it the same.

Six weeks before Christmas I got ill with tonsillitis and was put on antibiotics for the first time ever. Usually I am pretty good at listening to my body and knowing when to get back into training after illness but I had never experienced how the antibiotics leave your immune system so weak. As a result of this I caught 3 different illnesses and had to take 2 out of 6 weeks off the bike in the months leading up to Christmas as I wasn’t letting myself fully recover before returning to training which was a big setback for me but also a massive learning curve.

Putting my illness aside, once the new year started I really got my training back on track and it felt good to be banking some proper work on the bike and in the gym – this time the rides being a little shorter with intervals and a little more miles on the mountain bike – with the first World Cup in South Africa on the 10th March being the main focus.

In January I raced the National CX champs in Durham to kick off my intensity training. Surprisingly I felt really strong but because I has just focused on my training and nothing else I had not been looking after my body enough and as a result I suffered really bad back pain to the point where I was struggling to push on the pedals which forced me to retire from the race, which is never something I enjoy doing but in this case it was the best thing for me.

Off the back of that race I flew out to Mallorca for a 10 day training camp with the U23 GB MTB academy guys which was mega! The camp was super tough with a lot of miles but morale was high as you can’t beat good weather and good company while out on the bike . . .

Mallorca training camp

Back from Mallorca I spent a bit of time between my home (Whitby, North Yorkshire) and Manchester until it was time to fly out to Cape Town, South Africa to start my preparation for the first World Cup event.

I am out here now and it has been great so far! I was struggling to adjust to the heat to start with, heading out to train at 7am to try to avoid the heat as it can get up to 35 degrees C in the middle of the day which is super hard to ride a bike in – never mind complete a training session.

So that brings me up to date with what I’ve been up to over the past few months, I hope you enjoyed reading