Reece Wood

Preparation for 2020

First off all I’d just like to say a massive thanks to the LBTF for continuing to fund my aim of making it to the top teams in cycling.

I’ve had quite a stress-free winter that’s allowed me to get some consistent hard work in. I spent the first few months of winter in the UK training on local roads, which happen to be pretty decent in Yorkshire when the bad weather holds off!

As I lightly discussed in my previous blog, 2020 would see me in Italy most of the season on Team Holdsworth Zappi again. Mid January was the start of my 2020 journey with Zappi as I moved in to an apartment with my teammates in Rimini, along the coast of sunny Italy. After a few days of settling in to the new environment and receiving plenty of kit proper training started. With good motivation and some sunny weather morale and motivation has been high. With this naturally the fitness came, along with help from some of Flavio’s classic training rides that usually consist of near enough every sort of effort over the space of 5-6 hours.2020 Prep

A couple of weeks back I had a little set back with a knee problem but fortunately it’s all solved and after a bit of time at home I’m very motivated for my first race of the season. Unfortunately, due to the corona virus outbreak in Italy all races until the 8th March have been cancelled so my first race is UCI1.2ME Popolarissima on the 15th. I’m really excited to get the season going now. Hopefully, my next blog will be a positive one after a few races under the belt.


Massive thanks to LBTF for the support over the forthcoming season and to Holdsworth Zappi as always including all sponsors on board.