Reece wood

Reece will be racing with the Zappi racing team in Europe, here is his 1st blog :

Race Preparation

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of importance but it’s always nice to do other activities that require your brain in a different way to cycling. There’s nothing worse than becoming a cyclist stuck in the motions of solely riding your bike!

Over the last couple of years, unfortunately I’ve learnt how important it is to listen to your body the hard way. It’s always better to take one step back to make two steps forward than the other way around. Something maybe I’ve been to naïve to understand before. This winter has been important and of great significance for me. I believe I have done everything under my control to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming racing season.

I spent quite a good proportion of December and January with two friends, Roberto Scottini and Jacques Savage in the South of France, training along the Côte d’Azur. A lot of these rides were across the border in to Italy, and admittedly a lot coffee was drunk there too. There’s a lot to enjoy about Italy but one of my favourite things has to be the consistently great coffee at €1.50. I got a great base fitness off these training rides before heading back to the UK. Late January mainly consisted of turbo sessions that brought me on quite a bit before my last chapter of winter training would begin.
I went on to spend the first 2 weeks of February in Calpe alongside my new team mates of Holdsworth Zappi, and finally got to know Flavio Zappi a bit more. His “epic Wednesday rides” definitely lived up to their name! It was great to meet all of my team mates and get two last solid weeks of consistent training in warm weather as some of my final prep before the race season starts.
Halfway through Flavio's epic training ride

My first race is now just around the corner (3rd March), that being Rhodes GP. Soon followed by Tour of Rhodes. I’m really looking forward to kick-starting off my race season now and feeling very motivated, after a good winter with lots of development.

A massive thanks to Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund and to all involved with Team Holdsworth Zappi. See you out there!