Reece wood

Reece will be racing with the Zappi racing team in Europe, here are his blogs :

April – Highs and lows

Following on from my previous blog my next race up was Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux over the course of 3 days. I had a rough couple of weeks running in to this race with sinusitis infection and had only managed to ride about 12 hours over the course of two week so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the upcoming stage race. The first stage was surprisingly okay, I think I can thank the freshness of my legs and managed to roll a 12th from a bunch sprint. However, the next two days were not a success with me actually pulling out on the third day to prioritise my health.

I spent the following 10 days trying to get some form back after some recovery time for the upcoming Tour of North. This took place over 3 days, 3 road races and a 6km time trial the second day. I was feeling pretty strong throughout the weekend, starting with a top 10 in the first days sprint finish after spending the race off the front and being caught with only 1.5km to go. The following day started off with the 6km time trial, after good feelings the first day I knew I could do well in this and it may have been important to the GC which was a team aim of ours. I finished 2nd place in the time trial so managed to get the white jersey to race in for the afternoon stage which was nice! The road stage was a bit of a weird race with a lot of promising breaks, some I was in some I wasn’t. But we always had a team rider in them which was the important part. The winning break was made by my team mate Nathan Draper within the last part of the race over the top of a KOM. As a result, Nathan got the yellow jersey and picked up the KOM jersey too which was a bonus! Morale was high going in to the last day but we all knew it was going to be a hard day out with it going up The Torr, a beautiful long climb along the coast. This really shook things up and it wasn’t long before the peloton was in pieces. Fortunately I was part of the front 4 riders, we managed to hold roughly a minute and half gap to the finish and I won the sprint! It was a great feeling to get the hands in the air, one I had almost forgotten how it felt! This also meant I ended up bringing home the yellow and white jersey too. It was a successful trip to NI, not only for me, but the team as a whole.


Since arrival home I managed to bring back a pretty awful chesty cough and cold, which set me back for Cicle classic which was disappointing as I thought it was a race I could’ve done well in. I ended up pulling out after an hour when things started kicking off a little. A real shame but that’s how things go sometimes.

For now I’m sat at home trying to not do much to allow my body some recovery that it really must need! I’m feeling pretty eager to get back to full health before I start my next big block of racing in Belgium with a load of big UCI events. It’s looking like my next race will be Flèche Ardennaise – a race I aim to do well in.

As I look back on the last month I’ve realised maybe I never gave my body the time it needed to really recover and for my immune system to get back to a normal level! This is definitely something I’m going to take on board over the remaining season as I try to get some good results. As always, a massive thanks to all the help from members of Team Zappi and LBTF. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys. See you out there on the road!

March – Race Season Start

My start to the season began on the island of Rhodes in Greece, as said in my previous blog. Over the course of the week I stayed there for, we took part in the Rhodes GP- a single day UCI 1.2 race. Then followed by Tour of Rhodes, which was a 3 day stage race.

With it being my first race of the season, I was always going to be a little apprehensive of how I’d perform and the nerves definitely kicked in the morning of the race. We went in to the race with not much of a solid plan, just see how we felt within, and discuss as a team if it would come to a sprint or not. After a hilly first half of the race if eventually came to a fast bunch gallop. We tried to ride for Charlie Quarterman (sprinter) however, due to the final sketchy few kilometres the team lead out was very challenging. We all finished safely but not with a result unfortunately. After feeling pretty strong in my first race I definitely began Tour of Rhodes much more composed and with a bit of confidence. The first stage was a rolling terrain finishing a 15km loop with a drag up to the sprint finish. I had gone with a few moves throughout the race but nothing stuck so decided to solo attack when we got to the final laps, I gained about a minute but was soon caught by the peloton. I knew now the only successful scenario for me would be to keep calm and follow the wheels for the sprint. I managed to get my positioning reasonably well and finished the race in 7th and missed out on the young rider’s jersey by just a second. I was happy with the result and was looking forward to the following two days after a relatively successful start. Stage 2 was the main mountain stage over 156km. I missed the breakaway over the top of the summit but fortunately my team mate Charlie Meredith was in it. The break stuck and Charlie managed to get 6th in the hill finish. I remained in the peloton and finished 2nd in the hill finish behind the breakaway. The final stage was a flat loop around the perimeter of the island. As expected it came down to a busy sprint finish. I had positioned pretty well and felt strong but there was a crash just in front of me with about 500 metres to go, after this it was game over really so I rolled in 19th. A pretty good start to the race season and I was now looking forward to my next race in Belgium being the Youngster Coast Challenge UCI 1.2U.

After a weekend off racing I was was excited to be going to Belgium with some decent form. The race was a flat out 160k course finishing on the coast of Koksijde. I knew my best shot at a result would be in a break so kept active around the front once things started to kick off. I got in a decent break that formed a fair gap but unfortunately didn’t stick. It was all looking like it would come down to a sprint finish. With around 15km to go I attacked with 2 other riders and gained a good gap. It was starting to look promising but we were caught with just a few k’s to go. Although I was pretty gutted with the result I was happy with my fitness and know it’s a long season ahead with plenty of opportunities!

Next up for me is Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux starting on 5th April (3 days). Hopefully I can keep the fitness up for it and have a successful trip.

As always big thanks to LBTF and Holdsworth Zappi.


Race Preparation

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of importance but it’s always nice to do other activities that require your brain in a different way to cycling. There’s nothing worse than becoming a cyclist stuck in the motions of solely riding your bike!

Over the last couple of years, unfortunately I’ve learnt how important it is to listen to your body the hard way. It’s always better to take one step back to make two steps forward than the other way around. Something maybe I’ve been to naïve to understand before. This winter has been important and of great significance for me. I believe I have done everything under my control to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming racing season.

I spent quite a good proportion of December and January with two friends, Roberto Scottini and Jacques Savage in the South of France, training along the Côte d’Azur. A lot of these rides were across the border in to Italy, and admittedly a lot coffee was drunk there too. There’s a lot to enjoy about Italy but one of my favourite things has to be the consistently great coffee at €1.50. I got a great base fitness off these training rides before heading back to the UK. Late January mainly consisted of turbo sessions that brought me on quite a bit before my last chapter of winter training would begin.
I went on to spend the first 2 weeks of February in Calpe alongside my new team mates of Holdsworth Zappi, and finally got to know Flavio Zappi a bit more. His “epic Wednesday rides” definitely lived up to their name! It was great to meet all of my team mates and get two last solid weeks of consistent training in warm weather as some of my final prep before the race season starts.
Halfway through Flavio's epic training ride

My first race is now just around the corner (3rd March), that being Rhodes GP. Soon followed by Tour of Rhodes. I’m really looking forward to kick-starting off my race season now and feeling very motivated, after a good winter with lots of development.

A massive thanks to Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund and to all involved with Team Holdsworth Zappi. See you out there!